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SIA Lāma is a furniture manufacturer – both on the basis of series production and individual order. We make quality furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms as well as elements of interior and multifunctional sliding wardrobes.

SIA Lāma is located in Sigulda - a picturesque place called “Latvian Switzerland”. This is the place where the best furniture is made, which meets all modern standards and requests of our customers.

Close control equipment is located in an area of 6000 m2, where our staff (currently 80 people) works in specially equipped workshops. About 10% of our products consist of individual orders that are sold in the local market and 90% of furniture is exported to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands. Annual turnover of the company in 2013 amounted to 2.317 million EUR, and in 2014 - 2.386 million EUR.

SIA Lāma is not only a complete production cycle, but also a powerful design department. We provide maximum support for our customers: sketches, calculations, drawings, design-projects and other materials, that may be necessary during the repair process. All this allows us to provide integrated services, and enables you to save time and, of course, money. Refer SIA Lāma and you will get all services that you need.

Company history

SIA Lāma was founded in 1995. The company started out as a manufacturer of custom kitchens, that were sold only in the local market (Latvia).

The demand for the products of SIA Lāma gradually increased, which allowed to invest annually significant means in modernization of production. Thus in 1996, the company purchased land and a building area of 2000 m2 close to Sigulda. After finishing the repair and adjustment works, the main workshop was transferred there, where it is located up to now.

Creating kitchens at SIA Lāma, NC units are used as long ago as 2001. At that time it was a significant advantage over competitors, though it is quite considerable advantage these days also.

2002 — Kitchen production was complemented by creating of other elements of interior: sliding wardrobes, shelves, tables, chairs, etc. Export of products to Sweden was initiated also.

2003 — increase in turnover allowed the company to build an additional building for production and administrative needs with area of 900 m2.

2004 — SIA Lāma received FSC® C113023 certificate.

2008 — the company set the course for increasing export volumes. In 2008-2012 new directions have been opened for sales of products: Norway, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

2013 — company management decided to increase the production capacity. By the beginning of 2015 the construction of the new building with area of 2000 м2 was completed, as a result of which gross building area amounted to 6000 м2. In addition, the company purchased 5 additional units of equipment, which allowed to double the production capacity of the company.

2016 – 2017 — SIA Lāma plans to expand the sales territory and increase turnover due to conducted modernization.

Our representatives

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Pēteris Jonins

Pēteris Jonins

Member of the Board

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

GSM: +371 29156435 E-mail: peteris.jonins@abvirtuves.lv
Ance Damberga

Ance Damberga

Head Of New Products Department

Languages: Latvian, Russian, English

GSM: +371 28680698 E-mail: ance.damberga@sialama.lv

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Company fast facts


We make furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms as well as multifunctional sliding wardrobes – both, on the basis of individual order and series production. We use a wide range of advanced materials at the place of production: laminated DSP, plywood, MDF, veneer sheet, solid wood, high pressure laminates (HPL) and others. All materials used differ in high quality and give our furniture beauty, usability and durability. We also add trim to furniture - polishing, painting, lacquering and other works.


We employ integrated, full-cycle production - from designing to packaging and delivery to the object. Our furniture “gets a life” in specially equipped workshops with area of 6000 м2, where 80 employees work today. We strike a balance between the use of high precision machines with NC units and precise hand work - in precisely this way we make stylish and durable furniture. We package and label the products depending on customer requirements, and also provide logistical support and assistance in customs clearance.

For whom?

We create furniture by individual orders for different customers: for those who do not want to look like others; for the owners of substandard premises; for people who have special requirements, and also for those who want to get “strictly custom designed” furniture. Our serial production is designed for satisfaction of major customers’ demand, who need European high quality at affordable prices. Today, our products are exported to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, France and the Netherlands. If you wish to order furniture in Riga, visit ab Living salon at Cēsu st. 31 address.