Recently, we, as most of the largest manufacturers of furniture, face the fact that customers more often ask us to simplify the constructional and functional features of kitchen and other carcass furniture in order to reduce the cost of furniture. This allows them, firstly, to create a modern interior at home or at work, and secondly, the absence of spare parts and simplified technical solutions make the furniture more accessible and actual.

Think only about the most important and necessary is a completely new approach to manufacturing of furniture and kitchens in particular. And we decided to create a separate subdivision - ab Living, where quality, stylish and, most importantly, accessible furniture will be created for everyday life.

We make furniture from modern materials: laminate, plywood, acrylic, plastic, melamine, painted and polished MDF. Regardless of whether you need furniture for small apartment large private home or a spacious office - ab Living will offer the best solutions at affordable prices.

ab Living furniture is just as reliable as all the products of Lāma LLC, but at the same time it has laconic design, which fits well into any interior or creates it from scratch. Striving to equip comfortably the living space with quality, accessible and stylish furniture, modern man first of all selects the most important and necessary for life.